A Certain Rich Man – 1909 By William Allen White.

Published 1909 by The Macmillan Company.
Hard cover.  Good condition.  Bright cover,
strong hinges, firm binding, clean text.
Size 14×20 -Pg 434

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“The novel starts with John Barclay who grew up at Sycamore Ridge in the mid-1800s, a settlement where an occasional Indian was not uncommon. His father had been killed for preaching an abolition sermon leaving his mother to raise him. At age 12, when the militia was forming he hid in a wagon to go with the men to fight. Even though the men protected this child, he was wounded and returned with an injury that prevented him from growing large and strong. What he lacked in stature he made up in strategy.”

1909. White, a journalist, worked for various Kansas newspapers before purchasing the Emporia Gazette, which he edited for the next 49 years. In his fiction, White frequently used the idealized, middle-western small town as a rhetorical device through which to preach reform. A Certain Rich Man begins: The woods were as the Indians had left them, but the boys who were playing there did not realize, until many years afterward, that they had moved in as the Indians moved out. Perhaps, if these boys had known that they were the first white boys to use the Indians’s playgrounds, the realization might have added zest to the make-believe of their games; but probably boys between seven and fourteen, when they play at all, play with their fancies strained, and very likely these little boys, keeping their stick-horse livery-stable in a wild-grape arbor in the thicket, needed no verisimilitude.


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