Olsen-banden ser rødt – VHS

Nordisk Film Video AS 1976
Regia Erik Balling,  starring Ove Sprogøe, Morten Grunwald and Poul Bundgaard
Lingua originale danese

La cassetta  è stata vista  una sola volta, ma non ha fatto parte del circuito noleggio.
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The Olsen Gang Sees Red (Danish: Olsen-banden ser rødt) is a 1976 Danish comedy film directed by Erik Balling and starring Ove Sprogøe, Morten Grunwald and Poul Bundgaard. The film was the eighth in the Olsen Gang-series, and was selected as the Danish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 49th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.
Egon is released once again from the prison in Vridsløselille, where he is received by Kjeld and Benny, after which they drive home to Kjeld and Yvonne. However, Yvonne is not very fond of Egon as he is constantly being arrested. Also present is Fie, who is to marry Børge, who always smashes the porcelain of the house. The gang starts discussing their upcoming coup, which is about a Chinese vase worth DKK 1.5 million, which is to be sold to a Dutch buyer. The gang breaks in and steals the vase at Sankt Annæ Plads in Copenhagen but finds out that it is a Chinese copy from Hong Kong and that Egon has been cheated.
The gang then set off to steal the original vase, but Egon gets trapped and walled inside a basement, so Benny and Kjeld must free him. The vase is in turn handed over to the Dutch buyer. The band therefore continues the hunt for the Royal Theater, where the buyer is with the money and the vase. The gang breaks through four walls with various tools to reach an elevator and on to the Dutch buyer, where they steal the money and the vase. Fie and Børge get married and fly to Mallorca, but it turns out that Fie has changed the suitcase with the one with the money. The two newlyweds fly off with the money, while the gang at home are shocked to see that the suitcase is full of clothes and not the money they expected.

The Olsen Gang Sees Red (danese: Olsen-banden ser rødt) è una commedia danese del 1976 diretta da Erik Balling e interpretata da Ove Sprogøe, Morten Grunwald e Poul Bundgaard. Il film è stato l’ottavo della serie Olsen Gang ed è stato selezionato come voce danese per il miglior film in lingua straniera ai 49 ° Academy Awards, ma non è stato accettato come candidato.  Essendo gli attori molto mimici, è di facile comprensione anche se non si conosce la lingua.


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