Almond Ventures – by Carol E. La Russo

The book contains a ticket written and signed by the author and sent to Erika Ansorg, one of the photographers of the internal images
Grafiche Calosci 1989
Formato 20×28 Pgg 75
Lingua Inglese
Illustrazioni e foto colore e b/n
Copertina cartonata stampata


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There is no pretext to offer this exploration as a complete history of the almond tree and its considerable influence upon mankind. It does cover an expansive period of time and the profusion of roles that this unique tree has played, and continues to play, in endless cultural achievements of society…
Information has been gathered from a range of specialists in dissimilar professions providing a mosaic of influences by the almond tree on the artistic, relgious, cosmetic and dietary areas of human life.


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